Special floors need special tools


We build augers and drill bits, for over 20 years for a variety of soil and rock types. We manufacture for our dealers and customers who use our drillings order economically, quickly and reliably to work worldwide.


 With modern technology, our specialized knowledge and first-class materials, our products guarantee the best drilling in rough daily work for specialist foundation engineering.


 Punctuality and transparent pricing policy, our customers expect well as the development of customized solutions.

At our location in Attendorn in Sauerland, we design and manufacture the drillings for your success. Convince yourself of the efficiency of our company.


So ATPA will continue to be a strong and reliable partner for all questions around the topic of Earthdrillingtools.

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Our development is continuously working on the improvement of existing products and to develop new, marketable drillings. From development (CAD) over the first prototype to production, all work processes in our factory in Attendorn are top quality produced according to market requirements.


Special drills and special screws from the house ATPA supply our customers for all types of terrain and application, a solution for efficient and accurate work.

ATPA Earthdrillingtools from attendorn

the factory

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